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    Published Patterns:

    Blackrose Socks
    : Published in Knitty, Winter 2008.
    Designed for handspun yarn or thicker fingering sock yarns in dark hues, these simple lace panel socks with matching writlets will be a joy to knit!

    Muscari Socks
    : Published in Knitty, Summer 2008.
    Designed for Trekking or similar striping yarns (or variegated/hand dyed), these relatively simple lace socks stand out with great stitch definition, allowing you to combine colorful yarn with interesting stitchwork.

    Patterns for sale: Socks

    Lace Socks

    photo of socks

    Leaf and Vine
    : $4.50 for PDF.
    For the nature enthusiast, a highly textured/embossed pattern of leaves winds it way up your leg.

    photo of socksMadeira Cascade Socks: $4.50 for PDF.
    With bold swatches of lace mesh ofset by solid wedges, Madeira Cascade provides the ultimate in variegated lace. Do something interesting with those wild yarns you love to buy!

    photo of socks
    Dragonlace Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF.
    With the texture of dragon scales set off by delicate columns of lace, these socks are the ultimate fantasy creation.

    photo of socks
    Mermaid Forest Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF.
    This gently undulating lace sock evokes the light shining through kelp forests or the tail of a mermaid at play.

    photo of socks
    Swan Lake Lace Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF.
    A delicate lace sock with swan and water themes. Suited for solid and nearly-solid yarns.

    photo of socks
    Lilypond Lace Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF.
    Complex and fun, this lace evokes lily pads and other pond life. Designed to suit both plain and variegated yarns.

    photo of socks
    Southwest Diamonds Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF.
    A robust lace sock designed to complement wildly colored variegated and handpainted yarns.

    Japanese Feather Lace Socks: $4.50 for PDF,
    $6.00 including shipping for color printed copy.
    An elegant lace sock suitable for solid or slightly variegated yarns in wool or cotton blends.

    Spring Garden Lace Socks: $4.50 for PDF,
    $6.00 including shipping for color printed copy.
    An elegant lace and twist-stitch sock designed for handpainted yarns. Shown in Anne Schaeffer's Anne yarn.

    Self-Striping socks

    photo of socks
    Fiesta Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    An elegantly textured Chevron sock designed to stretch and fit all parts of your foot.

    photo \
of socks
    Tortuga Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    The ultimate rainbow pirate socks! Designed for the vibrant stripes of Mini Mochi yarn by Crystal Palace.

    photo of socks

    Flame Chevron Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    A lightly biased lace sock designed to highlight the colors of self striping yarn.

    Acorn Rib Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    An elegantly textured sock designed to show off ombre striping yarns such as Trekking XXL.

    Rhapsody in Self Striping Yarn
    : $4.50 for PDF
    A simple lace pattern designed to show off self-striping yarns.

    Swirling Rivers Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF,
    $6.00 including shipping for color printed copy.
    A subtle lace sock designed to show off both the colors of your favorite self-striping yarn and your stitches.

    Cabled/textured socks

    photo of socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    Constructerd largely with mock cables, this sock combines the best of fit with intricate stitch work for an elegant and comfortable sock.

    photo of socks
    :$4.50 for PDF
    This subtle cabled design gently undulates down your leg leaving smooth pathways of knits and diamond patches of purls.

    Cathedral Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    Graceful soaring cables are etched onto this reverse stockinette sock for extra comfort and excellent use of color.

    photo of socks
    Sugar and Spice Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF
    A pattern with a little bit of everything: Cables, lace, and colorful Panda Silk yarn!

    Foggy Dawn Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF,
    $6.00 including shipping for color printed copy.
    A complex, yet simple to knit cable/twist stitch design suitable for sport or fingering weight yarn.

    Hartshorn Cable Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF,
    $6.00 including shipping for color printed copy.
    Intricate cabled socks shown in Mega Boots Stretch yarn.

    Spiral Staircase Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF,
    $6.00 including shipping for color printed copy.
    Cotton/wool blend socks.

    Sport Socks

    Awareness Socks:
    $5.00 for cable or lace pattern PDF,
    $7.50 for both in PDF.
    Running or biking for a cause, or know someone who is? Show your support with these awareness ribbon socks.

    photo of socksMercurial Sport Socks:$5.50 for PDF
    Perfect for the runner or sports enthusiast, these socks feature a cable knit runner and racing lace motif, wholly created for this sock.

    photo of socksGolden Gate Sport Socks:$5.50 for PDF
    Designed as part of my SF Marathon effort, these socks feature a lace image of the Golden Gate Bridge, wholly created for this sock. Perfect for running or texture sensitive feet!

    Color Work Socks

    Snowflower Socks
    : $4.50 for PDF,
    Nothing warms your toes on a cold winter day like Fair Isle socks in a fuzzy woolen yarn! With simple to follow Fair Isle instructions, these socks will have you knitting 2 colors in no time.

    Diamonds Are Forever Knee Socks
    : $5.50 for PDF,
    A kneesock in simple mosaic stitch pattern.
    Why are these socks more expensive? Typically I price patterns by the labor involved for me as the designer. Socks will be priced higher if they involve more custom work, such as detailed shaping or original stitch patterns.

    Mini Socks

    Cables and texture Mini Sock set: $10.00 for PDF
    Mini versions of 5 popular Suzi's Knits socks - perfect for keychains, lapel pins, or holiday ornaments.

    Lace Mini Sock set: $10.00 for PDF
    A slightly more challenging set of mini socks, all in lace.

    Tops and Scarves:

    photo of solana top

    : $7.50 for PDF.
    Gentle waves of sunlight embrace your curves in this classic light weight fitted top. Instructions included for highly custom fit.

    Fan Lace Fitted Top
    : $6.50 for PDF.
    DK weight lace tank top with instructions for close fitting to flatter a wide range of forms.

    photo of scarfPythagorean Mobius Scarf, aka Twisted Triangle Muffler. $4.50 for PDF
    A quick to knit mobius scarf in 2 gauges - worsted and super bulky. Suitable for handspun or commercial yarns.

    photo of scarf

    Butterfly Latice Scarf
    : $4.50 for PDF
    Lace scarf with worsted weight yarn. Stitch motif designed by Suzi Anvin. A good lace learning project as it uses both knitside and purlside decreases.

    I am always available by e-mail to help you with any pattern on this website. If anything is confusing, incorrect, or you just would like help changing the pattern for your size/gauge, please email me and I will help as much as I can.

    Knitting supplies and Notions

    (photo of row counter)
    Beaded Row Counter
    $27.50, includes shipping. **OUT OF STOCK**

    Hand made with tiny glass seed beads and square hematite separator beads. Aprx 1 inch tall. Counts up to 599 rows. A portable and attractive way to track your knitting.

    photo of sock tote
    Suzi's Knits Sock Tote
    , $2.50 for pdf
    PDF pattern describing how to make this handy tote of many pockets. Includes inner and outer pockets and slots for dozens of needles. 5X5X8 inches.